Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scope of NSC-68 as Policy Guidance

The scope of NSC-68 as policy guidance may be gleaned from its Table of Contents:
"A Report to the National Security Council - NSC 68", April 12, 1950.  President's Secretary's File, Truman Papers.


Terms of Reference


                I.             Background of the Present World Crisis

               II.            The Fundamental Purpose of the United States

               III.           The Fundamental Design of the Kremlin

IV.          The Underlying Conflict in the Realm of Ideas and Values Between the U. S. Purpose and the Kremlin design

                                A.            Nature of the Conflict

                                B.            Objectives

                                C.            Means

V.            Soviet Intentions and Capabilities—Actual and Potential

VI.          U. S. Intentions and Capabilities—Actual and Potential

VII.         Present Risks

VIII.        Atomic Armaments

                                A.            Military Evaluation of U. S. and U.S.S.R. Atomic Capabilities

                                B.            Stockpiling and Use of Atomic Weapons

                                C.            International Control of Atomic Energy

IX.           Possible Courses of Action  [Guess which one the authors favored]


                        The Role of Negotiation

A.            The First Course—Continuation of Current Policies, with Current and Currently Projected Programs for Carrying Out These Projects

B.            The Second Course—Isolation

C.            The Third Course—War

D.            The Remaining Court of Action—a Rapid Build-up of Political, Economic, and Military Strength in the Free World



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